I am Deki from Bhutan, currently living in Germany. I am not the Julia Child of Bhutan but maybe as passionate as her about food 🙂 . I love everything about food.

I enjoy cooking & eating and love taking pictures of the food i eat. I have always been a foodie, my mouth salivate at the mere sight of food and i look forward to every cooked meal that is prepared under the sun.

I cook almost every day and I am experimenting very often as well, especially when i am inspired by some good looking tasty food that i have either tried or that i have heard of or seen somewhere.

I am mostly cooking off the head depending on what ingredients i have in the kitchen. Sometimes magic happens when i do that, and before i know it, I have whipped up a delicious meal.

So, the blog is mostly about the simple yet delicious bhutanese food i grew up with and the meals that i whip up on my quest to save the dying vegetables.

Presenting the recipes of my successful experiments and accidental creations.

You are welcome 🙂


a food enthusiast, passionate cook, an amateur food photographer and a good eating buddy.