Nga Ja- bhutanese style sweet milk tea

Sweet Milk tea (Nga Ja) is enjoyed by every one, everywhere and at any time of the day in Bhutan. It is also enjoyed with meals and served to visitors, be it at home or at work.

It is a custom to first offer Tea to the guests and is always served with “Zaw” (crunchy roasted rice) or “Gaeza Siep” (roasted and pounded maize) especially at home.

It is like what coffee is in the western culture. A cup of Nga ja first thing in the morning is so refreshing :).

I used loose black tea (Ceylon) but any kind of black tea will do. The amount of tea can be adjusted depending on how strong you like your tea. 

What i used:

2 heaped tbsp. of ceylon black tea 

4 tsp. sugar
500 ml water
200 ml milk

1. In a pot, bring the water with the tea leaves to boil and let it steep for a minute or two.

2. Add milk to it and bring to a boil. Reduce the flame, add sugar and simmer until you see the skin forming on the surface.

Makes 3 such cups.

3.Strain into a cup and serve hot.