Lets walk to Paro town

Paro, the beautiful city where the only international airport of Bhutan sits. It was a nice day (spent the other rainy day climbing, to visit the holy and the beautiful Taktshang Tigers Nest Monastery). So we decided to walk to Paro town.
Walked along the old route/road, as the traffic of vehicle plying on that road has reduced to a minimum after the new road along the airport was constructed. Rewarded ourselves with a heavy lunch at my favourite restaurant (i forget the name again, its on the first floor, the ground floor houses a club called insomnia i think, and across the street is a children’s park) and spent a nice day strolling around Paro town (lots of handicraft stores. We came across nice cosy Cafes along the main street (something new, they weren’t there before :)). Good coffee and pastries.

That was me playing tourist in Paro 🙂 enjoy the pictures.

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? the tails of the planes 🙂
trying to capture the landing manoeuvre and i love the wooden shingles. 
Birds eye view of the Paro international Airport. So mesmerised by the beauty of nature that i didn’t notice the pole sticking out lol.
Only 3 Kilometers to Paro town from near the view point, i think.
 should have seen my face when i saw this rich Kitchen Garden..i was like wowwww
Look at that…who wouldn’t be envious …oh my..super duper green finger

Aubergines/brinjals….woahh i think everything in that Kitchen Garden just grows
I am eyeing the Red-chillies dried on the roof and not the run-way at the back 😛
The Paddy fields, simply beautiful. It reminds me of that one time, when i was sort of dazed looking down on these green fields and admiring it, while the plane ascended and suddenly, for once, i swear, i thought the wing of that plane almost hit the little green hill, my whole body shook. Got the fright of my life..(now i laugh)
Actually eyeing the chillies dried on the roof again, the whole beautiful surrounding is a bonus :)..thats how the chillies are dried (thats what i want to portray)

I don’t know why this was lying on the roadside..Paddy uprooted! 
My idea of FUN. if some one asked me what my idea of fun is, i would show this pic. Look to the right 🙂 Isn’t it breathtaking?  Chit-chatting away after a day of hard work and there is nothing but beauty around them. 🙂

And the chillies again 😉